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Weird I love and hate attention

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  • Weird I love and hate attention

    I hate being given the spotlight in a large group of people, like I get nervous and I loose words. But I love being given attention by people am close to and used to. Does anyone have the same experience as me?

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    I am the exact opposite. I like chilling in the cut like a Band-Aid and letting everyone do their thing. Although, in high school I was kind of an attention whore (pardon my french).


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      I am an extrovert and have been involved with organizing shows and stuff and that surely makes me comfortable when I am the live wire at parties and get a lot of attention To each their own I guess


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        If all wanted attention there would be no audience I suppose. This video that I clicked of a party I threw for the less privileged has my audience or shall I say those who enjoyed the party thanking me