All from MyServerPlanet Across the USA, in 4 locations, LA, New York, Dallas and Chicago These deals are brought to exclusively from us. Setup from 48 hours either on IPMI or an OS installed for you. All come with 10TB bandwidth, all come with 1Gbit ports with 5 IPs!

We have vastly configurable options for you from 2x120GB SSD or, 32GB ram. All at the great low prices that we will be giving you today and lets not exclude the IPv4s at fantastically low pricing!

We have one special VPS today to include in this sale;

WOW!!! 4GB ram for only $7!

2 vCores
100 GB HDD
4 GB Dedicated Ram
4 GB Burstable Ram
1 Gbps Port
1 TB Monthly Traffic
1 IP
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Intel Atom 2758 (8 Cores)
250GB HDD or 120GB SSD
10TB bandwidth
1Gbit port
New York
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2 x 8GB
10TB bandwidth
/29 (5 IP's)
New York, Dallas, LA.
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E3 nodes can be delivered within 2 hours on IPMI only. Need an OS installed? Just shout we'll do it for you.

Thank you!