1. How did you get your name , where you are from and when did you start rhyming. I got the name Top Prospect after a street I lived on (Prospect) in Warren, MI. I added “Top” to it and that was that. People call me TP for short. (acronym for Top Prospect). I started rhyming around ’95. I always wanted to be a rapper.

2. What are your musical influences and how have they inspired your career.
I always admired Dr. Dre, Snoop, and Pac. My biggest influences came later on. Eminem, DMX and Ludacris are my top 3. D12 as a group is what kept me on my grind. Huge D12 fan. Truly blessed to be able to work with them.

3. Have you dropped any previous projects and what was your process in creating them vs how you are today creatively and recording wise.
My first mixtape “Game Over” was put out in 2013, followed by another “New World Order” in 2014. That same year I put out a dope EP titled Project: Top Prospect. The first 2 projects were recorded at home with my home studio setup where as the EP was recorded in a dope studio. (Silent Riot) Creatively I was on my own for the two mix tapes. For the EP I had a solid engineer and producer who knows music well to help guide me through the whole thing. I learned a lot through the whole thing.

4. What is it that drives the listener to you? What are your own musical strengths and weaknesses?
I like to think that I can take the listener through a day in the life of myself and all other artists that feature on my songs. I also try to give them a funky beat to ride to. My strengths consist of Dedication, ambition, creativity, and a good ear for music. I also have the honor of surrounding myself with some very talented and successful artists which makes me work even harder. My weaknesses are probably that I get frustrated easily and I tend to overthink tracks. Ive since learned to keep it simple.

5. What is the rap scene like in your area and are you similar to the scene or are you in another lane musically?
Detroit has a wide range of talent. Im blessed to be a part of this up and coming generation of artists from out here. Am i similar? Not at all… I try to separate myself from the pack when it comes to music. At the end of the day I have to do what I do to stay relevant.

6. Where can we get your music and support your movement?
My latest EP (Project: Top Prospect) is currently available on iTunes. http://itunes.apple.com/album/id956936865 I also have a you tube page.. "Top Prospect". My latest video "Destroy You" is fresh.. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fTOXEgm-FvQ Im putting together a website where people can order hardcopies for everything I've done. I'm also in the developmental stages of putting together a solid merchandise concept. I hope to have that available by 2016.

7. Who all have you worked with?
Ive worked with D12 many times on things like music and videos. Other artists I'm privileged to have worked with are Seven The General, Marv Won, Ca$his, Maestro Williams, Fury, and King Gordy. I also had the honor of participating on a film crew which filmed live footage for Taylor Gang. That was insane!!

8. Hit up your email to send beats, your twitter/facebook/ig and single and album title and release date.
Absolutely. Hit up tprospectbooking@gmail.com for features or to send beats. FB: Prospect Top/Top Prospect IG: TProspect Twitter: TProspect

9. Anything you wanna say to aspiring artists on how to be successful?
Don’t give up on your dreams. Everything happens in GODS time, so DON'T give up before the miracle happens. Also, Say NO to Drugs!!!

10. Any shout outs or promo you want.
Shout out to everyone who has supported me since day one. I truly love you all.