This is the new song in working on, I want to record it better, because I have the license to this beat and I want to make it perfect so I can put it on iTunes and try to sell it, gotta work on my flow and stuff, I want to add a third verse, but I'm having writers block, I would even be open to someone featuring on it, doing their own verse.

Any and all feedback is appreciated, thanks guys.

And here's the lyrics so far:
Verse 1
I got the type of success you can't measure, been broke down, tore apart, put myself back together, I'm stronger now than ever, I swear I ain't ever felt better, ima do this rap shit forever, and in case you didn't know, I'm on my Champions flow, like fuck a stupid hoe I'm the master I don't need no stop and go, but I gotta tell you don't do what I do, cause it'll just make your parents mad at you, you don't wanna rap like me, cause see, I'm just angry at the world and this is my release, it's the only way I can find my peace, it's the only thing that pleases me, I don't need to make money off it I do it for free and just hope that it appeases thee, cause even though I got hate for myself, hate for the world, I still wanna see the day when there's no more anger within, and the world stops it's fuckin spin, I just wanna see every mother fuckin body win

And be, a Champion, we can all be, a fuckin Champion, just work hard, just do you, fuck the haters and stay true.

Verse 2
But how is anybody suppose to win, when bitches only want you cause you got the riches, and it's the same with friends, only down with you cause you ride around in a Benz, I don't know what it means, but it's time it all ends, cause it's like "oh now I'm cool, now you wanna roll with me, talkin bout ride or die, what do you take me for, a fool? Where the fuck was that when I was down, cause all I remember is being alone when I'd ride through town" but it's okay, I no longer care what anyone has to say, I'm makin my own way, it's fuckin 6-Trč, and I'm gonna win one day

Cause I'm a Champion. No body can stop me now, I'm takin a bow, I'm so wow, cause I'm a Champion.

Verse 3
Not yet written