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  1. Mom Jailed Because She Let Her 9-Year-Old Daughter Play in
  2. Girl spends $30k to look like Kim Kardashian
  3. SC man does not face charges after shooting and killing two of his neighbors.
  4. Malaysia Airlines Plane 'Shot down by Russians' and Crashes in Ukraine
  5. Man Fired After Reporting Shoplifting
  6. Russian ban on swearing comes into effect amid criticism
  7. Suicide rises in yolo county
  8. Suicide Mistaken For Mannequin, Trashed
  9. Man dies after NY police put a chokehold on him
  10. Straight Outta Compton Casting Call Is Probably the Most Racist One Ever
  11. California Couple May Face Fine for Brown Lawn
  12. Study: Rhode Island Accidentally Decriminalized Prostitution, and Good Things Happened
  13. UK pirates will get four warning letters a year
  14. NYC approves "poor door"
  15. Lottery Winner Forced To Share $1.7Mill With Psychic Waiter
  16. 10 Things to Know for Tuesday!
  17. Russia Spotted Editing Wikipedia Page About Malaysia Jet
  18. Amazon seeks US permission to test Prime Air delivery drones
  19. Woman taped biting the repo man!
  20. Pregnant teen and boyfriend killed after seeking online sex
  21. Plane Crashes in Bad Weather in Taiwan, Killing 51
  22. Naya Rivera gets married, and not to Big Sean
  23. Algeria airliner missing on Sahara route from Burkina Faso
  24. What Fan Armies Do You Belong To?
  25. Man Gets Dick Accidently Amputated During Routine Circumcision
  26. 19Yr Old Mother Goes Fr A to G Cup to Improve Her Parenting
  27. [7.15] Police Arrest Japanese Artist Who Invited Fans to 3-D Print Her Genitalia
  28. We Need to Redefine "Marriage": What's in YOUR Marriage for ME (& the rest of America)?
  29. Great Value Ice Cream Sandwiches Don't Melt
  30. Two U.S. citizens are now reported to be infected with the deadly and incurable Ebola virus in West Africa.
  31. Court Rules in Favor of Father Who Spanked 8 year old for Cursing at Stranger
  32. N.Korea threatens nuclear strike on White House
  33. Guy in Deadpool costume gets on a train covered in weapons.
  34. Where Do You Stand on the Electoral College Proposal?
  35. 'Drunk' grandad 'stabbed puppy with screwdriver then skinned and froze it for family dinner'
  36. Sleeping Chinese Girl Electrocuted to Death by iPhone Charger
  37. More Ebola news: What you aren't being told
  38. Pink Floyd to release an album after 20 years.
  39. Orlando BloomJustin Beiber Fight
  40. Photograph of 'ghost wielding axe' aboard old military ship causes social media storm
  41. People call the police when Facebook is down?
  42. Ebola and the US-Africa summit to be held in Washington DC
  43. 21 year old kills himself trying to take gun selfie
  44. Judge won't free 551-pound man from house arrest
  45. Sex social experiment: European women who were asked whether they wanted ‘a quick shag’ give surprising answers
  46. Bieber's Baby Saves Man From Bear Attack
  47. Russia bans US agricultural imports
  48. Obama Gets 'Fancy'
  49. Nude Political Candidate Campaigns in Times Square
  50. Man Has Arm Cut Off After Row Over ICP Tattoo
  51. Oklahoma Teacher Shows Up to School Drunk and Pantsless
  52. Airline employees in West africa now wearing Hazmat suits
  53. Peter Frampton tosses concert goers phone into the rafters
  54. Teacher Fired After Students Shared Her Nude Selfies Online
  55. First Ebola patient arrives in Spain under tight security
  56. Malaysian Airlines Gives $5,000 to Families of MH17 Victims
  57. Canada May Have New Ebola Case
  58. 12 Year Old Michigan Boy Kills a Child and WANTS To Go To Jail
  59. The State of New York Has a New Official 'Handicapped-Parking' Symbol--Thoughts? #NY
  60. Man named Sam Sung is auctioning his Apple business card for charity
  61. Robin Williams Dead?
  62. Couple Fall Off Cliff While Posing for Selfie
  63. Man Dies After Vibrator Gets Stuck In Rectum
  64. New York inmates riot over missing favourite TV shows due to early bedtimes
  65. Rihanna Disses Drake & Chris Brown: Eminem’s A ‘Real’ Man
  66. Texas Teen Lives in Walmart for 4 Days
  67. How dumb can mothers get?
  68. Police in Ferguson tear gas the press, dismantle their gear after they flee.
  69. MMA Pro assaults Porn Star and is being hunted by Dog
  70. 13 Year Old Drunk Driver Arrested
  71. Woman accused of poisoning boyfriend, having sex with German shepherds
  72. Baby accused of trying to murder policemen is cleared . . .
  73. Looks Like Beyonce is "Open" For Business
  74. Vice TV is streaming live from Freguson!!!!
  75. Convicted Child Molester Suing After Being Raped in Garfield County Jail
  76. Duke the dog becomes elected mayor of Minnesota town
  77. Most Pierced Man Barred 'Over Black Magic'
  78. Cyborg Arm Made of LEGO
  79. Cross Dressing Man Kick Baby to the ground for facebook!
  80. Man Fakes Death to Avoid Wedding
  81. Magician Offers Weed To Cop Then Makes The Evidence Disappear
  82. Florida Woman Rips Off Grandma's Bra & Robs Her
  83. Morgue Attendant Admis To sex With 100 Dead Women
  84. Woman Beat Man, 64, Over Gas Passing
  85. Naked man with a sword
  86. Man Dressed Who Dressed as Ninja and Attacked Boss Is Arrested
  87. This is why you don't cheat
  88. Woman finds out husband has 3 other wives via Facebook wedding pics
  89. Man pulled over by Police forced to endure enemas and more
  90. Grouper Swallows Shark in One Bite
  91. Did Robin Williams Really Have Parkinson's Disease?
  92. Richard Attenborough Dies at 91
  93. Stay off the Meth - Man throws toilet at imaginary attackers
  94. Gun instructor accidentally shot and killed by 9 year old
  95. Mom's Facebook Post Gets Her 4-Yr-Old Child Expelled From School
  96. Nobody is talking about naked Jenniefer lawrence pics?
  97. This Storm is horrible
  98. Russia and Ukraine Negotiate and Reach Truce
  99. Joan Rivers has died at 81 years old
  100. Dashcam Captures Russian Driver's Face-off with Tornado
  101. Police ambushed at barracks in PA
  102. Tiger Kills Man in Indian Zoo
  103. As ISIS increases fighting on Syria's Kurds, over 130,000 have fled to Turkey.
  104. Woman faces life sentece because of stopping for ducks
  105. The Ebola Virus
  106. When Selfies Go Wrong
  107. Woman Killed by Statue
  108. Controversy Over Rape Shirt
  109. How many here are still in school?
  110. Mother and Daughter Are In Love..
  111. Virginia preschool teacher accused of biting toddler is arrested
  112. Fired UPS worker kills two supervisors, self, in Alabama shooting
  113. Brooklyn teacher arrested for molesting at least 5 girls
  114. Bridge struck by trash truck collapses in Detroit
  115. Saudi man divorces wife for not closing car door
  116. Chelsea Clinton gives birth to a daughter
  117. Topic: Linux and Max OS users
  118. Amber Rose files for divorce after a year of Marriage to Wiz Khalifa.
  119. Ray Rice losing endorsements from EA to Nike
  120. Struggling Geno screams ‘F–k you’ at fan after Jets fall to Lions
  121. UPS worker trades stolen $160K diamond for $20 of weed
  122. Police officer shot in Ferguson
  123. Cow Flees Slaughterhouse, Gores Jogger, Heads to Oktoberfest
  124. Man beheads women in Oklahoma
  125. This Reporter Quits on Live TV over Marijuana Laws like a Boss!
  126. News Reporter gets completely owned by a White guy and a Black guy at a Border rally.
  127. Shooting at elementary school in Florida
  128. Fast Food Workers want $15/hr
  129. Always Scared to Death of This Happening ..
  130. Pizza worker placed genitals on pie
  131. Man Tries To Rent Girlfriend To Buy iPhone 6
  132. Schoolboy, 14, feared drowned after friends toss him in river
  133. Vatican Arrests Pedophile Ex-Archbishop
  134. Condoms 'too small' for Uganda men
  135. Joan Rivers’ Doctor Snapped Selfie During Throat Procedure
  136. Red Bull to Pay $13 Million for False Advertising Settlement
  137. China Overtook the US as the World's Largest Economy
  138. 500 lb. Body Causes Fire at Henrico Crematory
  139. Paranormal Groups Claim to Have Found A "Doorway to Hell" in Suburban America
  140. Italian Nurse Daniela Poggiali Is Accused of Killing "up to 38 Patients Because She Found Them Annoying"
  141. Australian Surgeons Perform First Successful "Dead Heart" Transplants
  142. Mind-Reading Device Invented by Scientists to Eavesdrop on "Inner Voice"
  143. #1 Skateboarder Tony Hawk Test-Rides First Real Hoverboard (VIDEO)
  144. U.S. Ferguson and Other Cities React to Grand Jury Decision Not to Indict Darren Wilson
  145. Jurassic World | June 12 2015 | "The Park Is Open." (Official Trailer Is Out)
  146. Megaupload Founder Kim Dotcom Is Broke
  147. Brisbane Supercell Thunderstorm (27-11-2014)
  148. Pharrell Gets a Star on Hollywood Walk of Fame
  149. Pirate Bay, EZTV Down: Torrent Sites Offline
  150. Sailor Gutzler: Kentucky Plane Crash Girl Recovering with Grandparents as New Details Emerge of Her Miracle Survival