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  1. Eminem - Monster
  3. Gyptian
  4. Favorite Genre?
  5. Who was the first artist that got you into rap/hip-hop
  6. Old Songs Rehashed . . .
  7. Alternative genres?
  8. Welp, I'm Quitting Drums
  9. Senior choir sing Hip-Hop
  10. More "rapping" in country music today.
  11. Nerd core/Nerd rap
  12. Eminem - Ass Like That
  13. Do You Go To Concerts?
  14. You're favourite singer/band.
  15. Anyone here listen to rock?
  16. First song that got you hooked?
  17. Who Likes Reggae
  18. Anybody play guitar?
  19. Favorite Singers
  20. Iggy Azalea
  21. Have you ever competed in any kind of music competitions?
  22. Do you still buy CD's?
  23. What do you listen to when you are feeling down?
  24. Favorite Instrument?
  25. Socially Conscious Music
  26. Difficulty in Artists Selling Albums
  27. Most Anticipated Album You're Waiting For
  28. Artists With Longevity
  29. Musicians Who Won't/Can't Enunciate Words Properly?
  30. Street buskers
  31. Music in restaurants
  32. The volume of music in your home
  33. What is your guilty pleasure song/album?
  34. Do Sites Like Grooveshark Pay Artists For Their Music?
  35. Most Emotional Songs?
  36. Songs that you never want to hear again
  37. Electornic music
  38. Anyone for punk?
  39. Any Progressive Metal listeners out here?
  40. Musicians and Politics
  41. Favorite band-artist biogaphical movies
  42. Anybody else sick of Miley Cyrus?
  43. Thoughts on MGK?
  44. Best rap songs for just chilling out and thinking?
  45. Which DAW do you use?
  46. What kind of music made the biggest impression on you as you grew up?
  47. What's your favourite film music?
  48. Any Radiohead fans?
  49. What is your favorite Michael Jackson cd
  50. Can a person tell your mood by the music you are playing?
  51. Top 5 drummers
  52. Foreign Language Song Anybody?
  53. Robin Thicke's Paula cd
  54. Do you remember the first song you ever heard?
  55. When Listening To Music
  56. Do you remember the first song of Taylor Swift you ever listened?
  57. If you've never heard of K-Rino, give him a listen.
  58. Show me your favourite covers
  59. Linkin Park, anyone?
  60. What is wrong with this video?
  61. Anyone listen to filmscores?
  62. Anyone here who enjoys classical music?
  63. Anyone Here Listen to Reptar?
  64. Anyone Heard of Die Antwoord?
  65. What Is Your Favorite Song from the Disney-Movie "Frozen"?
  66. Favourite Disney Song?
  67. Whitney Houston's soundtracks
  68. What is your favorite "Old School" rap song?
  69. RUSSKAJA - Energia
  70. Jay Z & Beyonce's Tour Ticket sales top 100 million
  71. Whitney Houston biopic
  72. The last concert you went to?
  73. When a band loses their lead vocals.
  74. Does anyone here listen to Wavves?
  75. Are Some Gospel Singers In The Illumnati?
  76. Jazz?
  77. What's Your Favorite Version of "Hallelujah" ?
  78. Music to relax
  79. What do you think about Big K.R.I.T. ?
  80. Foreign Hip-Hop
  81. What are you listening to right now?
  82. Thoughts on the latest album from The Roots?
  83. Favorite Artist?
  84. San E - Rap Circus Thoughts? (Kpop)
  85. Downright ridiculous rapper attire
  86. Any psychobilly lovers?
  87. Mariah Carey's I Am Chanteuse cd
  88. BTV Music Maker
  89. What's the strangest music video you ever seen?
  90. 8-Bit Hip Hop Songs
  91. Katy Perry Fans?
  92. Manford Mann Anyone?
  93. Recommend some good upbeat songs
  94. Imagine Dragons, yay or nay?
  95. K-Pop Artists?
  96. Can an dominican be a English Singer?
  97. Favorite artist of the last 5 years?
  98. Heavy metal just noise?
  99. Rap Mixed with Dubstep/Techno
  100. Shmoney dance.
  101. Do you hate listening to mainstream Pop music?
  102. Do you hate listening to mainstream Pop music?
  103. Best guitar?
  104. Do you like dancing and singing all night long?
  105. What Your Favorite Slow Jam
  106. What is your " GET EM IN THA MOOD SONG"
  107. Mariah Carey: Best female vocalist of all time?
  108. I'm looking for a house song?
  109. What is your favorite band?
  110. New video of Nicki Minaj
  111. Days dragging?
  112. 50 Hottest Rappers Right Now Ranked According To Google Trends
  113. Parents who limit music to their kids
  114. Do you go to a lot of concerts?
  115. What do you consider "old school"
  116. Obie Trice. How underrated is he?
  117. Is country going pop?
  118. Music collaborations
  119. This Is Cute
  120. Music (Bluetooth in a car)
  121. Older musicians
  122. Smokey and Friends
  123. Wayne Static Dead: Metal Musician, Who Fronted 90s Band Static-X, Dies Aged 48
  124. Opinions on FV